So I emailed Monti and they want me to come in for residential.  I’m going to discuss it with my therapist today.  I’ve basically been having mental breakdowns all morning.  I don’t want to go.  I was there for 5 1/2 months last time.  Jeannie (the financial coordinator) said I’m part of the family and that some of the staff expressed excitement when hearing about me possibly coming back, but I don’t want to be away from the people I love, my dog, my freedom.  They’d want me to start out residential.  I hate everything.

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Good morning.

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Natalie Nourigat


Hello friends, followers, I want to start by thanking everyone again who helped me keep the lights on last month, in all I received over $200 in donations, with that and help from family and a loan we were able to raise enough to pay half the bill but the other half still needs to get paid. I was able to take care of this month but if we miss any payments the agreement that was made with the power company is void and the lights will go off. Next month is going to be very hard due to the fact that my father will be having knee surgery. 

It was suggested that I should make a gofundme page so here it is, if you could signal boost, donate, reblog, anything, it would be greatly appreciated. MIIGWECH (thank you).

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I’m hearing voices really badly right now so I’m gonna listen to some music.