About dreads, they're also part of Celtic culture. Are people of Celtic ancestry not allowed to wear dreads because they're white?



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No, they didn’t. The hairstyle they wore were not dreadlocks. They matted, plaited and braided their hair but they were not dreadlocksAppropriating another culture’s tradition and attempting to justify it with false historical references just makes you look like an idiot. 

People are allowed to do whatever they want - but being allowed to do something and having your actions not offend anyone or cross boundaries are two different things.

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dude, I really want to drink.

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Abaeté Fall 2009 

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every time I see this it gets reblogged


Anastasia Ivanova in “Transitory” by Nicolas Guerin for Schön! Magazine #26

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Me in my Snow White body suit for saferincages.


Even though the memorial was burnt to a crisp for #MikeBrown, it’s BIGGER & BETTER ! #Ferguson #NoJusticeNoPeace